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Woolery Stone Mill- raw factory environs with beautiful linens and local wildflowers.  Seems perfect for a muggy summer day like today.

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Oh... Katie...

So it turns out people don't like to work all the time... seems to be a recurring theme with all of my employees that they eventually demand time off.  This week Katie is off frolicking in Colorado.  Funny enough she just e-mailed me that she will be doing the bouquets for the wedding she's attending (no rest for the wary).  Things just aren't the same around here without Katie around, so I thought I'd dedicate this blog to her awesomeness.  Here's a cake topper she made last week for a couples 60th wedding anniversary.  How cool!!

btw- katie was also responsible for the angry cymbid shown in the post earlier this week... gotta love it.



classic- chic

My wedding this past Saturday at the IU Auditorium.  What a beautiful color palate.  I just want to dive into all the golds, champagnes and taupe's - so classic and so perfect for the setting.  Garden roses, peonies, garden spray roses and a variety of eucalyptus.  Perfection... even if I do say so myself.

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Angry Cymbid..

Rrrrrrr... I'm the angry cymbid.... especially when I have to sit in front of the computer all day long and enter numbers.  I LOVE being a florist... but sometimes I like the business owner thing a little less.  After my left over chinese lunch I think I might do something a little bit more inspired... maybe make up some new plants for the store... who knows... maybe even a new window display.

I have a ton of pics that I promise to share... soon.  I will continue my number crunching.... let's hope the numbers whisper profit!!!


On Saturday...

Shelia took this pic.  I love the trend of fun footwear this year.  What a cute look!!

This week I've gotta bit of time.  Time to catch up on quotes, store displays and bookkeeping... UGH! how I hate bookkeeping.  Wish me luck staying motivated.  My goal- up to date books by Thursday. 

Starting today, Peppertree will be changing our hours on Tuesdays through Fridays.  We'll be closing at 5:30 through the summer.



Bouquet two ways

Top photo by the lovely Lisa Walker, bottom photo by some peppertree folk... which is more useful?  Do you like seeing the bouquet held so you can get a sense of proportion or is a more artful display better to appreciate the flowers and textures?  Always wondering what pictures people like to see and what displays my flowers best.

Thanks Lisa for the pic.  Now time to focus on the four weddings today- Cell phone charged, coffee brewed....



She Designs

Every once and a while you come across someone who is truly genuine.  Shelia White is one of those people.  I met her maybe three or four years ago when she started with her professional photography business.  Through the years of weddings shared I began to get to know Shelia.  I've found that I like working with her so much that I use her when I need pictures taken.  She did a professional photo shoot for me when I was getting the store started, takes pictures of my kids, and continues to take great pictures of my clients and flowers.  Here a couple examples of her work (had to throw my kids in there... of course).  Check her our at or call her at (812) 876-3743. 



What a whirlwind last week was.  Hot pink and green or "watermelon and honeydew".  This week is even busier- back to the crazy-


Runnin' around

me runnin' around with a bridal (nice pic katie)


Poppy pods and Kale

This is part of what I've been up to this week.  All green and white with assorted herbs in brown pots for the reception.  Green hydrangea, roses, spray roses, tick, poppy pods, kale, mums and carns with white peonies and white lace.  I had so much fun... and to be honest, I always do when I LOVE the color scheme.  As usual I got a bit over zealous with the bridal and my hand did get a bit cramped up.  Funny, just yesterday I said less is more.... today more is more.  Hey, a girl is allowed to change her mind... isn't she???




photo by lisa walker photography

So, it's June, which means a variety of things to a variety of different people.  For me, it means being busy, a bit crazy (or crazier than usual), and no weekends to myself.  I'm totally in my element.  Bouquets are on the make today and I'll be looking forward to a long day of boutonnieres tomorrow.  Speaking of which, I thought I'd share a bout pic.  My clients always seem so weirded out about wearing flowers.  I think more often than not any flower works well for a bout.  Smaller, in my opinion, is typically better, and less complicated better than fussy. 
Corsages on the other hand are a different animal.  Big bloomed weighty flowers hanging on a sheer jacket isn't a good look for anyone.  I personally prefer a small bloom pinned to a lapel or a small clutch bouquet.  If a wrist corsage is needed a ribbon bracelet or a jewelry wristlet is more tasteful than the promy alternative of the silver elastic band.  Trust your florist people!  We don't want you lookin' bad.  We do our best!




This morning I'm feeling inspired.  I love reading blogs in the morning to get all pumped up for the day.  With this type of job you have to work a bit to stay fresh and keep things interesting (and seriously, who couldn't stand to be a little more "fresh and interesting").  A few of my favs right now include Miss Pickering, Saipua, Housemartin, and Little Pheasant.  Also, Katie (Peppertree florist extraordinaire) now has her own blog called Botaniche.  Go ahead... get inspired.  It's the best way to live.