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Brotherly Love- Revisited

Just in, pictures from my brothers wedding this past November. All reds and burgundys - very posh. The reception was up in Grand Rapids, Michigan at a local nightclub "The Bob".



I must admit I had never made a terrarium before. It was so much fun. Sometimes I almost forget I'm working with I get to do this fun "crafty" stuff all day.

I've been seeing terrariums EVERYWHERE! It seems they have come into popularity recently and I wanted to be included in the rage. We ordered some high quality apothecary jars and filled them with mossy baby plants. I hope they get adopted soon.



If you've been following this blog I just recently posted a picture of a re-claimed wood stump filled with flowers. Without a doubt I love having fun with vessels, finding items that you might not think of as a vase and creating an original arrangement with fresh flowers.

I was pretty psyched when I saw this blog from 100 Layer Cake showing a stumpy wedding ceremony with wooden vessels used for the alter arrangements. I LOVE IT! I wish more couples felt comfortable doing something just a little different. This stuff makes my job so much fun.



I'm finally getting better at taking pictures again. Here a picture of a delivery that went out today. I have a tendency of throwning hydrangea's in the bottom of a large vase to hold flowers in place. I like the look better than a vase full of greens and filler and it creates such a stunning look. Bright colors for a gloomy day. The tulips are local and are available weekly at Peppertree throughout the season.

Nothing like some re-claimed stump action!

I'm not sure my draw to this stump but when I saw it I had to buy it. Finally, after sitting in the store empty for months I knew he needed some flowers. Here's how it turned out.

Rave Review

Andrea,Thank you so much for coming through for us on our wedding day! You were right! The flowers were beautiful and I had nothing to worry about. Really...I always had faith that you would make it perfect. You are a true professional and I promise that you will have our business for a long time to come. We will be in Bloomington for a little more than four years and will highly recommend you to our friends. The flowers really made our ceremony come to life and warmed up the space at Scholar's Inn. You really are so talented and gifted. Again...many thanks and we could not be any happier! :))Yours truly,Vicki and Matt



The Holiday Party- Revisited

I've already given you the scoop on the holiday party I had in December at Pictura Gallery. Lisa Berry was kind enough to take a couple pics. Thanks Lisa!

Getting ready for Valentine's Day at the Shop

This last week I've been working hard to prepare for all the clients that will soon be looking for Valentine's gifts. I always knew I would love doing displays in the store but I'm still getting the hang of it. Luckily, I have an artist in house that does an amazing job painting the front window to suit the season. Katie Vernon lends herself to Peppertree when not working on her own business Katie Vernon Illustrations. Other store decorations included good ole' fashioned tissue paper flowers as well as a grapevine wreath full of pink bows (I could almost promise that Valentine's Day is the only time you'll see pink as a major color player in the store). We certainly had fun!

A local photographer, Michael LaFleur recently offered to take some pictures of the store. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to share with my blog followers a good look inside the store.
Thanks Michael, for your time.



Thanks Jenny Grise- Awesome photography!!

Here are some pictures from Angie and Ray's wedding in November. I did some "day of" work for them, and through the process ended up feeling like a part of the family. It was a crazy day, and with any other wedding, things weren't perfect, but damn they were close. What a great time!! Choosing the right professionals can make all the difference. Luckily, they chose the best, one of them being Jenny Grise. All of this amazing photography is generously provided by her. Thanks again Jenny!


New Photos- Thanks JM Studios

Here's a few pictures from a fall wedding I did this year. Almost exclusively Marigolds... the one and only time I've had a Marigold wedding. It was great!