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Black + White

Was up all night last night, awoken by the whining of the downtown tornado drill, kept awake by the notion that a fierce wind may just rip my house apart and steal my babies from their beds.

Now- trying to get a grip with black coffee and vanilla yogurt.  Black and white breakfast.

Pseudo spring in the shop right now, faux blooming branches (and fresh if you're lucky), as well as a nice little display of lux cleaning products for your compulsive scrub due any day now.

Wish me luck- interviews this week- never was a fan.



Mushy Mats and Staggies

A snap shot of the shop... faux mushroom mats, staghorn ferns in stumps, baskets and hanging glass balls... many anthurium and much fresh springness happening all around me.  I couldn't resist buying the mushy mats last time in Atlanta... thought of mushy place mats, mushy table runner, under glass table tops, framed in assorted lost and found frames... the possibilities are limitless.  (All items for sale, call the shop if interested).

Now, to deal with less fanciful things, like e-mail and project quotes.

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Here is one of the only pictures of our Valentine's day flowers.  Kinda sad, considering all the amazing stuff we made and sent out into the world.

Considering wine right now and maybe a movie... do I have your permission?  Price of admission is twelve centerpieces completed.  I know I can do it.



my favorite t

Alright... so I made it to the other side of Valentine's Day.  Between Katie and I we made an amazing amount of unique arrangements (no two were the same).  Thanks to all of our clients for keeping us busy and keeping "the tree" alive.  Because of the sheer amount of chaos that went down yesterday the only pictures of our splendid arrangements were blurry... kinda indicative of the day anyhow.  So, I decided instead to share some pics of our cool new shirts we made to sport in the shop.  Really, any excuse to wear a t-shirt and jeans is good with me.  Now, to get caught up with bride e-mails and quotes.  Thanks again for all of our loyal clients.  You're our Valentine!!!

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I had dreams of blogging last night - funnier, wittier blogging than is typical of me.  Even so, decided I'd better get myself in gear and blog a bit.  Feeling a bit like death lately.... as many friends have said, I've caught the plague.  To overcome the gloom outside and the crud in my lungs I look to the picture of my backyard, above, and try to envision hyacinth, tulips and daffys blooming beneath my giant magnolia full of pink blossoms.  Mental games - always was good at them.

On another note- call in today for Valentine's Day.  Red roses are going fast!!!

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Be Mine!

Nothing like the romantic combination of red roses and dark burgundy mini callas to get you in the Valentines mood. This table, by the Bloomington Country Club, has classic gold linens with an overflowing rose bowl.  Now in heat of it, keeping busy with ringing phones and arranging and arranging... more blogging for another day...

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A few other beauties from the Bridal Show.  These are from the KRC table.  Home now with a wicked cough and a splitting head-ache.  Working hard on getting over the ugly so I can make beautiful designs for Valentine's Day.  It's going to be quite the week.  No doubt!! 

By the way- thanks for all the on-line orders.  Keep 'em comin'.

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Ice Storm

I can't take credit for these amazing pictures, these were nabbed from the talented Jenny Grise.

In case all you non-Indiana folks are wondering about all my "snow days" here's documented proof of the mess that's going on here.  Even the city and county offices are closed today so we're following suit.  Good to get all this nasty out of the way so we can have clear sailing for Valentine's Day.  Don't forget to place your order soon for best availability.  Our on-line store is now up and running - go check it out and buy something if you love me (or someone else) enough.  Stay warm and toasty ya'll.  Back to coffee and kiddos.