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Lisa Berry + Me

This is a wedding from last fall that was just tops.  Tracey and Paul were a ton of fun and Katie and I worked together to make sure the flowers were just what they wanted.  All the orange, yellow and buttercream flowers on the slate blue cloths made such a statement.  And although Katie and I were both disenchanted when we found out no moss or twigs in the Museum, we made compromises in the design plan to include chinese lanterns, kangaroo paw and smokebush to give the lines and movement we were looking for.  Now... let's talk about the photog in charge here.  Lisa Berry is an artist!  Book her now!  Love working with photographers that see the shot before they line it up.  Congrats on the great pics Lisa.

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Bloomington Bridal Show: The Union

If you don't already know about the fierce fabulosity that is Bari Kuhlman (Indiana Memorial Union) - you need to study up.  The pictures you see above are Bari's vision and my floral execution.  I'd say we're a pretty good team.  Thanks Bari for your faith in me.  This was a ton of fun!

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Who says winter flowers aren't any fun.  This was a particularly great one!  Looking at is makes me feel more optimistic than a minute ago while filing taxes and paying bills... ugh!  Bridal show was yesterday and the tables there were just amazing.. pics up shortly, I promise.  Wishing you all the happiest of thoughts and uplifting goals for this gloom that we're all dealing with in the mid-west.  Coffee helps too.

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Golden Gate

Almsot forgot to post these pics from my recent trip to San Fran- Golden Gate Park.  Even going at an unfortunate time of the year we were still able to enjoy some of my faves... although I must admit the staghorn fern did make me melancholy... memories of my once friend, Stanley the Staghorn.

I remember thinking how cold and breezy it was.  Now, looking out my window to the four inches of snow, I'm thinking it was pretty fine.

Memories of whiskey and skyline views... walking in the wind and aching glutes.



Beautiful Bride

Was this your first idea of what it was like to be a bride?  My daughter, Claire, drew this one.. look at that bouquet!!  She's very obviously getting a clear picture of what I'm out and about doing all the time and wants to be a part of it.  She'll say things like, "I can come to the shop and make a beautiful arrangement mommy" when I complain of all the work I have ahead of me.  

I think that for a lot of little girls becoming a bride is very much a part of their early fantasy play.  Even so, I find it continues on for many years.  So much so that many 28 year olds will come to the studio with the same fantasies they had as children.  What they must realize is that the imaginary wedding of their childhood isn't how it will materialize in reality.  Brides, know what's possible and trust in your professionals to help you create your vision within your parameters.  By picking seasoned professionals with experience and similar vision you can let go of your imagined perfection for a near-perfect reality that will blow your mind.

Looking forward to all the great people I'll meet in my 2011 wedding season.


More Goodness from Eric Rudd

Eric recently gave us a call for an arrangement.  Being the stand up kinda guy he is, he took some amazing pics (as per usual) and even blogged about it.  Check it out...

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Since vaca..

this is what I've been doing...