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Thanks Beth!

Beth, one of my brides from last month, just sent me this picture of the bridal I did for her. Thanks Beth!


Pink and White Roses

Pink and white roses throughout ranging from spray to garden varieties. The couple got married under a Huppah style arbor with fresh orchid stings and lights hanging in the back. At the reception tall cylinders filled with curly willow (my fav) and pink roses with short cylinder vases filled with pink and white roses.



Just a cute tropical arrangement for a birthday. Having tropicals around in gloomy cold rain is always nice :)

The New Innovation Center

This past week was the Grand Opening of The New Innovation Center here at IU. Here are some pictures of the new building and some floral accents brightening up the space.

Meeting of the Minds

As I've stated a million times before, I just love working parties. These flowers were created for Vice President Wheeler for a party he was hosting for other university administrators.


Sister-Brother Love

My brother got married last week! It was crazy. I created most of my arrangements here in Bloomington and drove them up to Michigan in my minivan. Quite an adventure! I loved being able to help out and show some of my family what I do for work. It was a blast. I was able to see everyone I love and have a great time! Unfortunately, I was so distracted with all the fam I forgot to take pictures of the bridal and centerpieces on site. Good news is that I know these folks so I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to strong arm some good professional pictures out of them. On a side note: I wouldn't suggest "tearing down" an event in 4 inch heels -

Reception ONLY

This is the way it should be done!!! Formal wedding in August to include close family, small dinner to follow, with a reception a few months later for friends. Can anyone say PARTY???

The bride was super flexible and left most of the design up to me... so... of course, I LOVED IT! Yellow cymbidium orchids, black mini calla lilies, yellow mokara orchids and one of my favorite roses, Leonadis. Couldn't get any better.

Autumn Colors

Warm orange, green and brown were the colors that brought this wedding together. Half the tables had tall arrangements of white calla lilies, bells of Ireland and orange mokara orchids. The other half had glass cylinders of varying sizes wrapped in satin ribbon in the wedding colors. Grapevine wreaths with green hypericum berry accents were placed on the front venue doors to greet the guests as they entered.

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Thanks to Michael Korus of Maxim Real Estate for including me in his recent co-sponsorship of the local production of "BOOM". I helped with just a few arrangements for a cocktail reception prior to the play. It was so much fun. I can never do enough parties. Especially when I'm invited and I get to have a drink myself :)

Traditional Easel

I keep meaning to take more pictures of my dailies, here's a traditional funeral easel I sent out last week. One "Birds of Paradise" for each daughter.


A rose for each year

Super sized arrangement for a 75th birthday celebration! What fun!

The Sycamore Land Trust - Annual Meeting

I've volunteered in a variety of ways for the Sycamore Land Trust over the past 8 years. For the last 5 or so I've donated centerpieces for their annual dinner. This year was a fun theme, the migration of the monarch butterfly. Each of my centerpieces were created with the monarch's diet in mind with an artificial butterfly floating through the flowers.
You can see by the first picture of Katie, we had a blast!
I always enjoy being able to attend the event with my family as well.
SLT works hard to conserve green space throughout Indiana. learn more by following this link:
(Last three pictures featured in this blog were photographed by G. Lynn Hufford)