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Ok, so I'm not a photographer... not even close, but here are some pics of my pseudo winter window.  Chicken wire, faux epiphytes and succulents, spanish moss, branches, rope, antlers, wax dripped pine cones and some well placed peppertree product.  It was some good fun.  I like my first shot where you can see the courthouse in the window reflection.  

So- as for the "neener" in my post header. Today is my last day working before heading out to San Fran.  Looking forward to more mild weather, many alcoholic drinks and time away.  I'm sure driving up the coast will be nothings short of amazing and will bring me back inspired to do more great work.

Call the shop now for your Thanksgiving centerpiece.  As per usual, Katie will be here to keep it all afloat.



Coffee brewing, wind blowing outside.  Admittedly, I'm a freak for autumn, but this quasi winter gets me to the blue point.  Katie and I worked on the winter window this week, voted against a Christmas tree in the hope to be faith neutral, and ended up with something that looks more like Nantucket than Bloomington.  (Begs Nantucket!).  I will see ocean this week though, going to Cali.  San Fran for my 10 year wedding anniversary... yes... I've been married just long enough for a cross country trip to be worthy.  Pics of the non-Christmas window shortly-



The Streep... Revisited

Meryl lived up to her glory in her conversation with Jane Pauley at Indiana University Auditorium.  Watching the convo was ALMOST as cool as making these arrangements for the dinner that followed.

Here's the play by play...

Arrangement at the shop.. waiting in major anticipation

nervous in the van - can't believe it's ready to sit at the table with Meryl

Well... hello beautiful!  

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The Streep...

Meryl Streep- goddess of all things beautiful and cherished in this world with skin so flawless I want to lick it!  Ah Meryl... classy, timeless, talented beyond all things Hollywood.  I will be watching you this week from the VIP section.  I will be hoping to meet you... I will be designing flowers for your exclusive dinner this Friday (please love them!!).  Here are some ingredients.  Although they are fabulous, what could look good in a room with Meryl?... pure perfection!


Chi town baby... Chi town

In Chicago today taking a much needed break to visit with my sister and my niece.  The trip here wasn't bad and it's great just getting out of the grind for a couple days.  No worries folks, the all capable Katie is watching things at the shop.  Speaking of Katie, don't forget to check out her arty fabulosity at the Bloomington Handmade Market tomorrow, Saturday November 6th, at the Convention Center.  Now for a bit of crazy, I was woken today out of a dream (where I was being sprayed by a skunk) not to thoughts of what I need to pack for my trip, but by a well known jingle... albeit with NOW IMPROVED lyrics

My Katie has a first name it's K-A-T-I-E
My Katie has a second name it's V-E-R-N-O-N
Oh, I love to see her everyday, and when you ask me why I'll say,
'cuz Katie Vernon has a way with F-L-O-W-E-R-S

It's quite obvious that I am spending WAY too much time with this lady!  Even so- check out this fab bouquet she designed last month.

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Featured on The Wedding Chicks

Yeah!  Featured on another great site.  If you don't already follow this site, you should.  Check out the full blog at The Wedding Chicks.

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October Planning

This wedding was just the most fun you could hope for.  When planning a wedding and being with the wedding party all day you can only hope for a bride and groom that will keep things light-hearted and fun.  Lauren and Matt were just that!  Wedding and reception at Deerpark with a tent in the back, the party was hoppin' from the beginning and never slowed down.  Lauren and Matt were kind enough to send me a thank you gift and a card but I feel like I owe them a thank you too.  Thanks guys for being so much fun!!!


Deerpark Manor and the great Sue Sheldon
Cake and the Caterer with food and goodies with Ashley making sure everything was perfect (nicely done!)
Wright Entertainment with Rob Meyer on the DJ mic
Limelight Photo with Stephenie taking all the amazing pictures you see here (way to go girl!!)

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