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Truly, this is how life has looked to me for the last eight weeks, thus the minimal blogging.  If I was five I would say I've done a million bazillion weddings in the last two months.  It's been unreal!  SO happy to say we are outta the woods on the spring wedding season.  Now, it's time for the chaos to take a break.  (I'm sure I'll see it's ugly head again this autumn).  

Life at the tree has been exciting to say the least.  My employees have seen too much of me and my family could stand to see a bit more.  I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Anne's wedding this past weekend.... it was wonderful to be at a wedding and not working (well... I worked before and after, but the during part was nice).  I will surely share pics as soon as the photog shares with me.

I'll try my hardest to blog more, more pics, more talk, more inspiration.  Now time for me to get inspired.. take a break, have a drink and sleep through the night... like more than the six hours I've been getting lately.  I've scheduled my massage to work out the wedding season kinks tomorrow......awe yeah baby!


Good Press

Check out Finnrose Photography!!! Amanda Hoffman is great and a vendor I often recommend.  Here's a blog she recently did on my shop.  Finnrose Photography 


Planning- Susan and James

Firstly I would like to thank Angel Canary for all these fabulous images.  Find the full story on her blog:  Part One and Part Two.

Susan and James are an amazing couple and I was truly honored to be involved in their wedding.  Their wedding was centered on them and who they are as individuals and a couple - just as it should be.  The ceremony was held at IU Auditorium in the Hall of Murals (thanks to the helpful staff, in particular Erin Jennings).  With a cruise themed cocktail hour and reception at the Tudor Room (thanks Union staff for being fab... Bari Kuhlman is the best!).

I could write a book on this day, but I'll keep it short and sweet.  It was a wonderful time and they are wonderful people.  I hope I get to see them again some day.

Ceremony:  Indiana University Auditorium
Reception:  Indiana University Memorial Union
Planning, Floral and Decor - Yours Truly
Photographer: Angel Canary
Steel Drums:  PanUSA
Band: Wonder Twin Powers

Yellow and Black

Yellow and black... that's a first.  I loved it!  With black painted billy balls and the softness of the white peonies in the bridal it was quite a juxtaposition.  

I have 18 weddings between today and the end of the month so I am a bit anxiety ridden.  Making all the arrangements never seems to be the problem, it's keeping all the buckets organized and labeled and having room for it all.  Saturdays can also be complicated with all the deliveries and timelines.  That being said, it's what we do and June is always a crazy jumble of events.  I'll try my best to take pics.  (So often what I miss on those busy days).

It's getting hot here.  The heat index it going to be over 100 here - this is a great time of year for a couple walk in coolers to dip into.  

Here we go... Weeeeee!