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Last Wedding Planning for the Year... Whew!

Still working on planning in 2010, but the rest are all parties.  Here are the pics from my last wedding plan of the year.  Thanks to all the people who helped make this wedding unforgettable for the bride and groom.

AWESOME vendors included:
Lisa Walker Photography - THANKS :)  Great pics... as always.
Bari Kuhlman at the Union - DELICIOUS FOOD!!
Tom Marshalek with The Dance Machine
Sugar Daddies
Indy Photo Booth
The Fields

Not to forget my over the top assistant Angie Podesta.  Thanks for all your hard work!

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Thanks Venus Leah- Professional Pics

Classic white and ivory.  Thanks for the wonderful pics.  Venus Leah Photography



Homecoming Queen

Alright, I admit, I have never been the Homecoming Queen, in the Court, or even on the ballot.  Even so, I had the opportunity to help with the flowers this year for Bloomington North High School.  Colors of maroon and gold with billy balls, gold salal and black magic roses.  I feel a little cooler already.



Almost there..

So, here's a pic to hold ya'll over until next week when I have time to do more blogging.  Can't wait for everyone to see all the great events we've been putting out... not to mention the wonderful autumn centerpieces.  My on-line ordering is still coming along and it should be out before the holidays hit.  When it's all up and running my clients will be able to order daily deliveries right from my website.  (You'll still have to call for larger orders like parties, weddings and funerals.)  Send me all your high energy voo-doo, I'll need every drop for this weeks production.  Truly, I'll be so sad when the rush is over.