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Too Many, Too Much

This weeks challenge was five weddings. Next weeks challenge is to take more pictures. Unfortunately, I am no good with a camera but I'm hoping to get better at taking more pictures, and even more so, taking better pictures. For now, this is what I have.

The Rumple Wedding

This was such a fun wedding and Janet was such a fun bride to work with. Her inspiration was to obtain an Asian aesthetic and to keep it modern to fit with her venue choice, the lofty Factory 12 in Columbus. I think she succeeded greatly. Here are some pictures from the event.

The bridal bouquet was designed using standard red Gerberas with green 'Yoko Ono' Poms and subtle accents of Bear grass.

The Bridesmaids carried simple red Mini Gerberas wrapped in black satin.

of long banquet tables and rounds of 8. On the long banquets we placed alternating square and rectangle glass vases filled with green Fuji Mums.

On the rounds we designed glass cylinders of curly willow and red James Storie Orchids. These tall arrangements helped this large space seem more intimate.

What a creative solution to the boring place card tables we are all used to seeing.

(Thanks Janelle for taking all these great pictures)

Too bad Janelle didn't work the rest of my weddings, because I am hopeless at taking pictures on site. The best I could do for the rest of my weddings was to take a quick snapshot of the bridal. Here's some quick pics.

The McKeen Wedding

For this wedding I combined fragrant peonies and freesia with tulips and roses. The white and yellow color scheme was elegant and trendy with the grey Bridesmaid dresses. The accompanying Bridesmaid bouquets (which I didn't take time to photograph) were yellow Roses and Poms with a grey satin stem wrap.

The Seger Wedding

Whites and ivories with subtle accents of powder blue was accomplished by adding light blue Hydrangea and hybrid blue Delphinium to the alter pieces and light blue Delphinium to the Bridal bouquet. The Bridesmaids carried a simple favorite of white Stock and ivory Roses.

The Muyskens Wedding

I love tone on tone arrangements so when I was asked to make a bouquet in shades of buttercream to peach I was excited to do it. This bridal bouquet was created using four different roses and peach mini calla lilies.

The Rosen Wedding

This was fun. Red roses with light green Cymbidium orchids, green Hypericum berry, white Freesia and whimsicle Bear Grass loops

While I was glad to be done with all the work on Sunday, it was an amazing week and I was happy to be a part of it.


Whitezell Wedding

This week I had two weddings and kept busy with the shop. One of the weddings I worked on this week was the Whitezell wedding. Kristen's wedding was beautiful, combining orange, peach and white to bring about an early summer feel. The reception was outdoors at Eagle Pointe, a local golf resort, that complimented the warm tones of the florals. Here are some pictures of the bridesmaid bouquets and the centerpieces.

The bridesmaids carried "Mango" mini calla lilies with white tulips and green hypericum berry.

The centerpieces were in rectangular glass vases filled with white, orange and peach tulips and white freesia. They looked great at the resort surrounded by all the lush spring greenery.

Thanks Kristen for trusting me with such an important day. I loved being able to help out.

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Garden Roses... Yummy

This week I got in some delicious creamy garden roses. It's such a shame that throughout all the years of making roses perfect the growers hybridized the smell right out of them. Some might argue that a roses fragrance is the best part of a rose, but these days it's hard to find that delicious perfume outside of your garden. That is where the garden roses come in. They are beautiful and have an amazing scent. Here are some dozen rose arrangments I made today for delivery. These were some flowers I was sad to see go.

Thanks to Katie and Beth for taking some beautiful pictures.



The Grand Opening

May 1st was Peppertree's Grand Opening for the new retail storefront. It was a wonderful time with drinks, music and plenty of friends. Thank you all who came out to show your support!!
Here are some great pics of the opening taken by a friend, Scott Higgins.

It was so amazing to finally be done with all the preperations and enjoy opening the doors and showing off all my hard work.

Although flowers, plants and products will shift through the store on a daily basis I'm glad to see the groundwork set in place.

We look forward to meeting many new friends and becoming a new fixture in the downtown Bloomington scene.


Store Now Open!

Well, it has been quite a while since I've had time to write, but with good reason. Over the last couple weeks I have been inundated with remodeling, preparing and purchasing. I was pushing up until the very last minute and with only an hour to spare before my grand opening I had to call it finished. Of course, a project like this is never complete. My challenges at the store will change by the day.

I feel very settled to be into my new space. Being downtown is the best, and I love watching all the people pass by. This weeks challenge is Mother's Day and Graduation. Going forward I'll be busy with weddings.
I have beautiful flowers in this week for all of Bloomington's Moms and Graduates. Please come by and see my new store if you haven't already. We'd love to see you.