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Yellow and Black

Yellow and black... that's a first.  I loved it!  With black painted billy balls and the softness of the white peonies in the bridal it was quite a juxtaposition.  

I have 18 weddings between today and the end of the month so I am a bit anxiety ridden.  Making all the arrangements never seems to be the problem, it's keeping all the buckets organized and labeled and having room for it all.  Saturdays can also be complicated with all the deliveries and timelines.  That being said, it's what we do and June is always a crazy jumble of events.  I'll try my best to take pics.  (So often what I miss on those busy days).

It's getting hot here.  The heat index it going to be over 100 here - this is a great time of year for a couple walk in coolers to dip into.  

Here we go... Weeeeee!


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