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So, it's June, which means a variety of things to a variety of different people.  For me, it means being busy, a bit crazy (or crazier than usual), and no weekends to myself.  I'm totally in my element.  Bouquets are on the make today and I'll be looking forward to a long day of boutonnieres tomorrow.  Speaking of which, I thought I'd share a bout pic.  My clients always seem so weirded out about wearing flowers.  I think more often than not any flower works well for a bout.  Smaller, in my opinion, is typically better, and less complicated better than fussy. 
Corsages on the other hand are a different animal.  Big bloomed weighty flowers hanging on a sheer jacket isn't a good look for anyone.  I personally prefer a small bloom pinned to a lapel or a small clutch bouquet.  If a wrist corsage is needed a ribbon bracelet or a jewelry wristlet is more tasteful than the promy alternative of the silver elastic band.  Trust your florist people!  We don't want you lookin' bad.  We do our best!



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