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Painting the Store

I just wanted to give a quick update on how the new store is coming along. There are so many decisions to make everyday and even more second guessing. This week my cooler space was cleared out and the painters got started. Here are some pictures of the new paint colors.

I always get so overwhelmed with color choices so I started with a inspiration piece, a small swatch of fabric. Luckily, I have had a lot of help, my Step-Dad was able to help me narrow the options down. I love how it turned out. I can't wait to see the space with all the new furniture and flowers.
Check in again in a few days for more picutres of the progress.

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Expanding My Horizons

Moving into a store front also means doing different types of floral work. For eight years now I've done only weddings and planned events. All of the sudden I working hard to get birthdays, get well arrangements and lots and lots of funeral work.

It might not seem luxurious but funeral work is a staple in florist work and if I am going to succeed I have to make sure I'm getting my piece of the pie.

This week I've been working hard on cutting into the market. Here are a couple arrangements I made this week.

I look forward to doing more of this as well as all the other fun stuff, like new baby arrangements, and "I'm sorry I screwed up" arrangements for all those men we know and love.

Please think of me next time you need a unique gift, or something special for someone you care about. I hope to be a resource to give a little love where it's needed.

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Maze of Boxes

I never expected the sheer volume of boxes and supply I would need to purchase to open my new store. Of course, I did understand I would need to order new retail as well as acquire some supplies, but this is ridiculous. My living room is towered so high with deliveries that I can't even make it to my front door. My studio is full to the point that I'm not sure how I will produce the three events I've booked before my move. And as if that isn't bad enough, I can't even move in my storage area, which is a bad thing when boxes lead you to lose balance and fall onto a shelving unit packed with glassware.

This is fun, but suffocating. I like to think I'm organized. I love clean surfaces. This is really starting to get under my skin.

On a positive note, it's going to be like Christmas when I finally get to move in and open all these boxes. I certainly know what most of these boxes contain, but it will still be unbelievable to unpack, organize and position all this fun stuff for my opening.

Construction has begun, walls removed, plaster drying. I have to hold myself back from being there all the time right now. Which is a bit funny considering that after May 1st I will be there all week every week.

I'm going to really try hard to not get too consumed by the details for these last couple weeks and instead enjoy my freedom.