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Who says carnations can't be pretty?

Placed in beautiful Brown County State park this wedding was through the roof. This bride was brimming with ideas and achieved on every level. Turquoise and red was the colorscheme, and she used turquoise linens with a red lace overlay to make these colors a statement in the room. The best idea of favors I've seen in a while, personalized glass coasters with pictuers of the Bride and Groom when they were young and to top it off beautiful etched glass wine glass with red rhinestone accents for the close family members who attendend.
The Bride chose to carry carnations, roses and dahlias in shades of red with blue hydrangea and red carnations for the Bridesmaids. The tables were topped with red carnation balls on top of tall glass columns opposit the other tables with blue hydrangea, red roses and tall curly willow.
One of my favorite ideas were the red carnation balls on the head table. What a nice touch.

Renwick Party

Yeah!! Parties are the best. This one took place in the new development on the East side of town. Summer colors in dahlias, freesia, lilies and gerbera daisies. Bright sunny flowers for a bright sunny day.

Buddist Wedding

Just a bouquet and a boutonniere this was a wedding was meant to be simple but connected to Nature. I think I succeeded with beautiful in season peonies, orchids, significant to the Brides Japanese upbringing and earthy galax leaves.

Rustic Nuptuals

This wedding took place somewhere special to both Bride and Groom. I think this is the way things should be. No reason to have a wedding in a sterile church if there is another place that you feel is very special that you'll never forget. This is one of the major reasons The Indiana Memorial Union is such a popular place to get married and have receptions, most of these patrons are IU Alum.
The ceremony took place at in a small bridgehouse located in an outdoor adventure facility well of the beaten path. The Bride chose a simple greenery garland with rose accents with a white bouquet for her and purple for the Bridesmaids.
At the reception, simple white lilies on the table kept a clean look to the space.


Midsummer's Night Dream

This was my favorite. A party for friends to celebrate. The client wanted it to be southern, woodsy and rich. I choose covering a glass vase with sheet moss and adding "mossy twigs" to top it off. Certainly, one of the best aspects of the design was the dusty miller, lambs ear and the maiden hair fern. It just adds an element of luxury. Anytime you include a delicate flower you add an layer of decadence.

Orchids and Calla Lilies, What can be wrong with that?

A couple of my favorite flowers are calla lilies and orchids, in particular these red, James Storie orchids. This wedding took place in the new Irish Lion Glen. A really cool little outdoor nook. Everything went together great and I always love a simple solution towards beauty. I really liked how these centerpieces looked in this outdoor venue. What a cool spot.

Tudor Room Royalty

I just love green and purple together. Surprisingly it never gets old for me. I actually had two events this week with the same colors. It fits so well into the Indiana Memorial Union Tudor Room with the regal deep purple (and yes, it's purple not blue). I have become really fond of the tight round arrangements. I think it really shows off the flowers and isn't masked up with too much fuss. In this wedding, green hydrangea, bells of Ireland, and purple and lavender lisianthus.

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Frantic Friday

Thanks to my Friday team for staying late and making it happen. Here's Beth wearing a beautiful floral garland she created, Helen on orchids and Katie showing off the end product of those orchids, a cute flower girl headpiece.
Thanks again ladies. I couldn't have done it without you... or have so much fun doing it.

Pretty Peach

This was such a great color scheme. Subtle shades from pink to peach with a punchy magenta thrown in to make a statement. The bridal was all white peonies.... beautifully simple. The bridesmaids had a mix of pink peonies, peach garden roses, apricot roses, orange spray roses and green hypericum berry. They fit so perfectly into late spring and really showed off the style of the Bride.
At the Church there were tall leggy glass vases topped with curly willow, roses and green hydrangea.
At the reception magenta orchids and pink peonies were a statement. In cobalt blue vases provided by the Bride we put the peonies in a short stout vase while the orchids were a natural pairing to the taller column vase.
My favorite design on the wedding was the escort table arrangement. A tall square vase topped with a lush combination of the wedding flowers. It could be seen from the entry window and everyone was able to appreciate the sights and smells as they picked up their place cards.
What a great color scheme.

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Trying to keep it up

Of course, I expected to be busy with weddings this season, but what I didn't expect was the distraction of the storefront. I knew that I would have clients, but I really never considered the amount of time it would take away from my wedding production. This past week I only had three weddings, which seemed very manageable. Unfortunatly (or fortunately) I had so many clients coming into the store I had to stay late late into the night on Friday to get the work finished for the weddings.
With wedding work there are no excuses for not getting the work done. It's not like you can show up on Saturday and say, "Wow, what a week it's been. I have your bridal but I couldn't get around to your corsages, I hope you undersatnd."
At any rate, I did get everythign done. There was quite the variety on the design this week from traditional to contemporay. Too bad I didn't follow through on my goal to take more pictures. Here are a couple that I managed to find time for.