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New Faces

Every May at Peppertree we get a load of new faces to get used to... my seasonal wedding staff.  This year two of the folks who made it past my grueling interview including the classic, "tape this wire" test were Jon and Kari.  I met Jon and Kari through their wedding planning process for their October 2009 wedding. 

Kari and Jon aren't the first clients I've hired, actually it happens quite often.  Guess I have a pretty cool job after all. 

Here are a couple pictures from their wedding last year taken by Ardent Stills.  

I can't help myself... even surrounded with peonies and sweet peas I'm still drawn to the autumn weddings... I just LOVE them.  (My anniversary is October, 14th... may be part of the reason I'm partial). 

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Outdoor in May

This wedding took place at Deerpark Manor here in town.  With a tent out in the back and perfect weather I'm sure the bride wasn't disappointed with her choice.  There were a lot of small touches to this wedding.
A "C" wreath to greet guests. (Over the front door)

An archway accent guests had to walk under to get to the ceremony site.

Here's the archway.  A classic topper with a rose and greenery garland.
Rose pomanders at the aisleway.
And beautiful pink and yellow centrepieces under the tent.

I had a great time... after I stopped sweating, and it was just the perfect day for an outdoor wedding.  Too bad this isn't the typical turn out for all those outdoor lovin' folks.

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Bouquet fit for Audrey??? maybe...

Just a little taste of this past weekends wedding work.  Fluffy white peonies, garden roses, freesia and sweetpeas.  Now, out with my good friend Anne.  Popcorn, Champagne and Audrey Hepburn.  Jealous??



Yogurt Parfait

Here I sit- drinking coffee, eating a parfait and waiting for the crazy to start.  Today we have two weddings in town (Deerpark Manor and Pictura Gallery) and one out at McCormicks Creek State Park.  Logistics are always the crusher blow on the weekends.... Even so, with parfait in hand I'm optimistic that I will get home for dinner.  I thought this a good opportunity to show off the coolest of the cool corsages we did for this years prom season.  For a mod girl wearing hot pink Katie made this black corsage for something different.  Now, time for lists, packing and chaos. Onward-



Ivy Tech Graduation

All white and green and because I'm from Michigan I can't help but think Spartans.  Here are a few pics of the mountains of flowers I did for Ivy Tech, Bloomington's recent graduation ceremony.  At IU Auditorium the stage was pouring peonies.  What fun.  Today, just finishing up the details to this weeks events.  Pictures to come.


Staring at the Wall

I have so much work I have a bit of a headache and in an attempt to save my head from exploding I've gone to the other side- I'm staring at the wall- or better yet, blogs! 

Thought, "Hey, why don't I write something and act like I'm really working... or something like it." 

Today I am wary, but luckily (as moody as I am) this phase will soon pass.  Wish me luck with my two parties and three weddings this week - or better yet - wish me energy because that will come more in handy. 

Side note:  One of my very favorite clients came in the other day and brought back a vase she had purchased from me months ago.  Here's what Katie did for her.

Now onto the real jewel of my job, washing dishes and mopping the floor (and yes, I do all of that... no leprechaun here to take care of it for me.... yet....).


First planning of the season...

This past Saturday was a blast. It was the culmination of over a year of planning and many bumps along the way. Unfortunately, I was so busy running around I didn't take a single picture. Luckily there was a photo booth at the reception where Helen, my helper for the day, and myself had the opportunity to have a souvenir of the evening.

Formal wedding and a casual reception, this wedding had all the makes of a great party. The ceremony took place at St. Paul's Catholic Center where the bride wore Vera Wang and carried an all white mini calla lily bouquet. Her girls, which were plentiful, carried yellow callas and wore spring green J Crew. With the groom in grey and groomsmen in black the wedding was picture perfect. After the formal catholic wedding the couple and their closest supporters hopped on board and IU tour bus for a bit of party before the party. They arrived almost two hours later at the reception down at Eagle Pointe. On the back terrace guests enjoyed the music of Bobby Clark and the Amazing Soul Crackers while they danced the night away. The photo booth by AMS Entertainment was a big hit and worked great as a favor to the guests.

I have to admit that doing party planning is an awful lot of work, but it's so great to see everything come together at the end. It was a blast!



Spring Wedding

One of my favorite flowers, possibly the favorite of all favorites, is the peony. I can't help myself but try to talk every single June bride into adding a couple in. This is a picture of my first peonies in the season. A small wedding of whites and creams. This bouquet included white peonies, buttercream lisianthus and ivory and white roses. I make bouquets like this all the time, but it never gets old.



I am typing... I am alive

Thought for a second I wasn't going to make it, but here I am on the other end. I had a great week rushing around for IU graduation festivities and Mother's Day. The Euro bouquet had mixed responses, some people still prefer the more traditional "presentation" bouquet. I, for one, still love it and will continue to offer it to any and all who can appreciate awesomeness. We have been keeping them in the cooler and they have been flying out the door. Thanks again for everyone who dealt with downtown parking instead of going to the evil superstores. We had a great time. I promise postings of more substance... soon... I swear!!



In the Weeds

With Mother's Day and IU Graduation this week and prom, two weddings AND Ivy Tech Graduation next week I'm in the weeds. I kinda like it. Thanks to all my lovely clients for keeping me busy!! This is a picture of an arrangement Katie made as a room divider. How cool!
Stay posted for pics from Prom and Mother's Day.



A Little Crazy

Ok, so maybe I'm a lot crazy. I LOVE IT! Thanks Bloomington for keeping me crazy busy. I love the support!

Remember that we have gifts for Mom's and Grads as well as flowers. Check out these new candles. We also have two new card lines in as well as new Cherry Republic. All stocked up..... for today at least...


Vintage morsel

Ball jars... who knew??




I must admit, I LOVE my jobs. I complain from time to time about being busy, having to make concessions, the financial sacrifices. Both being a mom and owning a flower shop require the "long eye". You have to be able to see how great things look down the road. Sometimes the action right in front of you can be a bit daunting, but pushing through it is what makes me, as a professional florist and a rookie mom, a success.


Mother's Day & Graduation

Don't forget your mommy or your grad this week. Pre-order today for the best selection. We'll be open 10-6 Tuesday through Friday, 10-2 on Saturday and for limited hours this Sunday from 10-1. We have specials running on dendrobium orchids, tulips and colored roses. Mom's love to feel loved and appreciated. Order an arrangement for pick up early on Sunday and serve it with brunch in bed (that's where I'd like to be Sunday morning).



Happy Anniversary Peppertree!!

Although I started my business in 2002, I've only been in my downtown store front for one year today. To celebrate I'll be providing coffee, lemonade, yummy food, door prizes and great sales all day long (store hours 10-2). The hurricane like winds seem to have moved on a bit, so stop by and join in the celebration.
Here's a picture from my ribbon cutting last year. Funny, it feels like I've been here so much longer.
Hope to see you-