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Mother's Day & Graduation

Next week is Indiana University graduation and Mother's Day.  Due to the busy floral holiday please make sure to order flowers now for best availability.  If you would like to place your order on-line you can always choose the designers choice, pick a price point and give a description of what you are interested in the special instructions area.  Please note that we will not be doing deliveries on Mothers Day, but will be open for pick ups and walk ins from 9-Noon.  Deliveries for Mother's Day ARE available Friday and Saturday of next week.  Looking forward to all the beautiful designs that will be going through the shop.


Faux but Fabulous

Thoughtful Mother of the Bride called up and wanted a faux version of a bridal I'll be putting together this season.  This was given to the bride during the bridal shower as an everlasting momento of what her wedding was all about.  I must say- it is fabulous.  And although I'm not a bit fan of silks, this was a great idea, turned out amazing and is no doubt better than the deteriorating dead piece of perishable art that people end up with when they try to preserve their fresh bridal.

On another note Little 500 today- and for those non-Hoosiers out there this is a big damn deal around here.  Lots of red and white flowers- pics later.  

On the horizon, flowers for Carol Burnett.  Pretty cool!  I also will be going to see her speak after doing the delivery.  

Wish me luck- uninspired on this early morning.


Spring flowers really are tops, even if my preferred season is autumn.  Ranunculus, tulips, anemonies and peonies (on the way) are some of my favs.  

Today, sitting in the lonesome studio dreaming up ways to make the business even better.  If you have ideas or suggestions please share your insight!

Here's hoping that this gloomy day moves into night so I can have the right weather for a sci fi, mystery or horror flick later... the weather has gotten me into the mood for gloom.


Courthouse Bouquet

Last minute bouquet for a courthouse bride.  The only information I was given is that she was going to be wearing a yellow herringbone suit.  How'd I do??
As for today the shop is out of coffee and I forgot to pack a lunch.  Might have to support the local eateries today.  Looking forward to painting my kids rooms later this weekend.  Believe it or not my daughter wants pink and my son wants blue (right now the rooms are yellow and green).  So much for gender neutrality... they are both so very excited.
LOVE the spring for all the change it brings.  The store is full to the brim with lovely blooms, come in and adopt a handful.