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With Mother's Day, Prom and wedding season ramping up, this month has been a crazy whirlwind.  Speaking of whirlwind... yesterday there was some out of control wind whipping through this town.  Trees uprooted and houses damaged.  Happy to have my home and business all in one piece.  This week is more and more and more weddings.  Memorial Day weekend always spawns copious amounts of wedding work.  People figure family is in town - save them a trip and get married while they're here.  I will be working and working hard to get outta this town by Friday noonish.  Going up to Michigan to see them fam and party in celebrations of birthdays and unions.  Katie will be here in the shop holding down the fort- so no worries clients.  All will be well.  Wish me luck- here I go.

oh yeah- pictured above- our favorite of the Mother's Day arrangements.  Air plants and orchids in a reclaimed wooden stump.


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