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New Favorite Thing

The newest addition to the Katie Vernon line here at the Tree.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Perfect for any occasion and just the right amount of space to write in our quickie message a la Twitter and Facebook world.  Come pick them up and send them out.

ALSO- Don't miss Katie at the Handmade Market this Saturday at the Convention Center.  Lots of folks sellin' awesome homemade goodies.


What I did yesterday

This was such a riot!  I bucketed an armful of cheap flowers and greens and brought little white cups the kiddos could decorate.  I then worked in small groups with my daughters Montessori class (that's her to the right of me in the photo above... cutie patutie).  It was a great lesson for the kids to learn how to use the nippers, greens first then flowers.  They loved it!

As for shop news, we're now taking private parties.  If you or your kids would like to make personalized creations you can reserve our space with a designer to instruct and everyone will go home with a fresh creation of thier own making.  (Please call in advance for booking information- small groups only).


Brown County in the Spring

Ah- what a beautiful day.  On my way out the door this morning I saw little mustard crocus heads popping out to see the sunshine.  Also, wedding delivery to Brown County today.  Boy, did they luck out with this weather!! Today I'll be working on social media, blog and website.  This all does take patience and time.  Maybe more from me than is typical... never was good at any of it.  



These are my reasons for not being open... need some time to re-connect.  LOVE YOU ALL!!!   In the meantime, drinking coffee and picking out all the candied nuts from my dried fruit mix.



My fav from this project.. the combination of the peach pin cushion protea and the burgundy scabiosa... delish!

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In an attempt to diversify the store front and sell more "hand-made" not "bought" Katie made these awesome paper flowers.  They have already been a big hit.  We'll soon have a paper flower bridal for sale as well.

Right now, coffee brewing (smelling is not as good as tasting).  And funeral stuffs on the make.  Looking forward to drinks this evening with BK.



Featured on Middle of the Map Weddings

How exciting to be featured on yet another blog.  Middle of the Map Weddings is a great blog to look at for wedding and floral inspiration.  Emily Walters, creator of all things fabulous and fun, founded this blog and also has a site of her own profiling all her wondrous creations.

As for me today, interview, interview, interview, consult, consult, interview.  Wish me luck... might be a wrecker.

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LOCAL Tulips

LOVE LOCAL!!!  Support small businesses- independent shops- local products!!


Me + Kevin Swan

I'm starting to get all amped up for the wedding season so I was looking through some old pics and found these.  Kevin Swan does amazing work - check him out!!  Love the look of the first pic here in black and white... totally classic.  Don't get me wrong I like the look of the trendy, hip, retro weddings going around these days, but for me, classic always wins.  Set your peeps on her sweet little ladies with the precious orchid wands (my fav for flower girls).

Today- getting coffee down and work done.  A wedding and three parties this week give me something to focus on.  Keep it up Spring.. you can do it!!! I support you in the abolition of winter!

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Springy spring... need some spring in these worn out tennies.  Getting all geared up for this wedding season.. our first of the season is already this week, with a big fat ramp up through April and May until we hit June full force.  Looking forward to all the new color schemes and even, believe it or not, a few new (to me) venues.  

Hydrangea special at the shop this week in blue and white for $4 and even a few pink for $6.  Come in today before they are gone... gone... gone.