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Staring at the Wall

I have so much work I have a bit of a headache and in an attempt to save my head from exploding I've gone to the other side- I'm staring at the wall- or better yet, blogs! 

Thought, "Hey, why don't I write something and act like I'm really working... or something like it." 

Today I am wary, but luckily (as moody as I am) this phase will soon pass.  Wish me luck with my two parties and three weddings this week - or better yet - wish me energy because that will come more in handy. 

Side note:  One of my very favorite clients came in the other day and brought back a vase she had purchased from me months ago.  Here's what Katie did for her.

Now onto the real jewel of my job, washing dishes and mopping the floor (and yes, I do all of that... no leprechaun here to take care of it for me.... yet....).


Blogger Sprout said...

Yeah...I stopped washing the shop floor years ago. I recommend painting it the color of dirt!

May 19, 2010 at 6:40 PM  

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