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Chi town baby... Chi town

In Chicago today taking a much needed break to visit with my sister and my niece.  The trip here wasn't bad and it's great just getting out of the grind for a couple days.  No worries folks, the all capable Katie is watching things at the shop.  Speaking of Katie, don't forget to check out her arty fabulosity at the Bloomington Handmade Market tomorrow, Saturday November 6th, at the Convention Center.  Now for a bit of crazy, I was woken today out of a dream (where I was being sprayed by a skunk) not to thoughts of what I need to pack for my trip, but by a well known jingle... albeit with NOW IMPROVED lyrics

My Katie has a first name it's K-A-T-I-E
My Katie has a second name it's V-E-R-N-O-N
Oh, I love to see her everyday, and when you ask me why I'll say,
'cuz Katie Vernon has a way with F-L-O-W-E-R-S

It's quite obvious that I am spending WAY too much time with this lady!  Even so- check out this fab bouquet she designed last month.

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