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Of course, I expected to be busy with weddings this season, but what I didn't expect was the distraction of the storefront. I knew that I would have clients, but I really never considered the amount of time it would take away from my wedding production. This past week I only had three weddings, which seemed very manageable. Unfortunatly (or fortunately) I had so many clients coming into the store I had to stay late late into the night on Friday to get the work finished for the weddings.
With wedding work there are no excuses for not getting the work done. It's not like you can show up on Saturday and say, "Wow, what a week it's been. I have your bridal but I couldn't get around to your corsages, I hope you undersatnd."
At any rate, I did get everythign done. There was quite the variety on the design this week from traditional to contemporay. Too bad I didn't follow through on my goal to take more pictures. Here are a couple that I managed to find time for.


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