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Have a limey Christmas!

Amazing work by the fab- and, never to be outdone, PFE florist Katie Vernon as well as photog Lisa Walker.  Christmas done with a little punch.  Lime green and magenta bring the holiday to the next level and plays up all the candle light and twinkles surrounding.  Great pics Lisa- always reliably fresh and spicy.

As for me, feeling less spicy than usual.  December and January are always a bit slow for the florist.  I seem to fit in better to hysteria and bountiful bouquets than bordom and bookkeeping.  Even so, I'm keeping up the cheer for all the 2011 brides stopping by this week, and for my fun and frolicsome friends visiting from out of town this week - can't wait.  I did decide to shorten hours due to the dead-time downtown so don't stop by to say hi past 2... I'll be baking cookies at home.

Also wanted to take a minute to wish all of my faithful readers, clients, brides etc. thank you for lovin' on the Peppertree through 2010.  We hope to see much more of you through 2011.  In a matter of months we'll have a new website with on-line ordering... changes are a'comin'.

ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!! (and me too)

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