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Beautiful Tributes

This week I worked with Day Funeral Home to create a beautiful service for one of their clients. Here are some pictures.

The first arrangement was a colorful arrangement meant for all the kids in the family. Every child had a butterfly to take home with a hand-cut heart card with the message "Jesus Loves You". What a cool idea. I thought this would be great for any type of party. You could use this idea for name tags or favors. In the beginning I was definitely concerned about all the butterflies and tags being a distraction but it turned out to be such a great success.
The other colorful arrangement was from the siblings, just bright and cheerful. I loved having creative freedom to create an arrangement perfect for the space.

The casket spray was beautiful. I used timeless choices: roses, iris, tulips, hydrangea and stock.

Katie worked on the cross, traditional white roses and variegated pitt, as well as the herbed heart with freesia accents.
I also worked on a Bible stand. All white flowers made this stand classic with a satin ribbon bookmark embellished with ivy leaves.
Lastly, I was asked to create a floral arrangement including a Classic Winnie the Pooh plush as well as a matching frame for a keepsake picture. This was way too cute and could be easily sent to a new mommy.
This was such a great experience. Thank you, Day, for making my job that much easier.

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