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The "Everything" Notebook

Working with brides everyday I see a lot of those wedding journals or "all in one" type wedding organizers. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with carrying around a binder that helps keep everything straight. I've found one of the greatest tools for the newly engaged is to buy a notebook and write EVERYTHING into this one notebook. You can freely copy from this notebook into your organizer or binder but having notes, messages and all other thoughts and brainstorms in one location makes it much easier to find what you're looking for. These notebooks from Miguel-Rius are super cute, but a standard sprial will do you just fine.

Coming from a Post-It junkie I can tell you with experience that it doesn't pay to have an important message written on something small enough to be swallowed into your purse. This new way of keeping everything in one place has saved me and I don't think I'll ever go back.
If you want a stylish notepad just search on line or go to the neighborhood bookstore, you'd be surprised at the selection. These journals are from FabSugar, wouldn't put any bride to shame.
Keeping everything in one place is keeping it all together, and with anyone planning a wedding, this can't be a bad thing.

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