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It's Cool.... but it's Hot!

I'm always up for new experiences, and this week I created arrangements that I never have before... what fun! The color scheme for the wedding was hot pink/magenta, lime green and white. The bride wanted to have contemporary clean design with bright colors and a creative layout. She also brought in a picture of an arrangement she liked with clear gel in the vase. I've seen this gel used by other florists, but I've never used it before. When used in glass it looks like crushed ice and as an added bonus, it allows to create minimal arrangements without fuss.

Her bridal was white peonies, green cymbidium orchids, green roses and hot pink mini calla lilies, while the bridesmaids carried magenta orchids, hot pink mini calla lilies and green roses.

The centerpieces stopped the show with three arrangements per table, one long rectangle with a line or hot pink roses, a small square packed with green berries and a larger square topped with white peonies. It was a great compliment to the IU Auditorium.

Thank you to all the brides who push me to explore new design.


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