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On a Budget?

These last couple years my clients have shown an increased need to stick to a strict budget.  Budgets have always been an important part of wedding planning, but recently they have become less flexible.  If you are working with a florist and can't figure out how much to spend, keep in mind that the national average is 7-10% of your total wedding budget.  This can be lower or higher depending on your priorities.  One way to make the most of your budget is to pick a few accents that you spend a higher percentage of your budget on.  One way to do this is to spend more on your bridal bouquet and less on your bridesmaids (like the pictures above).  This bridal is extravagant with fresh local dahlias, California roses and green cymbidium orchids, whereas the bridesmaids hold a budget-friendly bold bouquet of gerbera daisies. Adding one large statement piece in the reception can go a long way, or doing half the tables in a lush full centerpiece and the other half more simplified.

Hope this helps as you 2011 brides budgetize.  Until later-

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