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Pics and words from Kori

Hi Andrea,
This is Kori Williamson (was Wood) and you did the flowers for my wedding on July 25th. I just wanted to tell you I've finally gotten around to writing some rave reviews about you and your business on the web, and I wanted to say thank you again. The flowers were more beautiful than I had imagined and that day was the best day of my life so far---can't wait to see what event will make me feel even happier than my wedding day did! I am so happy you were able to help us on the tight budget we were on (the whole wedding came in at around $4,500 for everything including my dress and Brent's suit) when other florists practically laughed us out the door. I thought I'd send you some pictures of the flowers in the wedding, which I attached. I hope business is booming:)
Thank you,
Kori Williamson


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