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Branchs and Lanterns

This wedding took place at T.C. Steele. I loved the color scheme of blue, white and yellow. They had natural elements of birch trees, branches and raw linen table runners. The centerpieces of green hydrangea, white and yellow freesia, green roses, blue bachelor buttons and delphinium looked at home next to the neighboring garden.

This site had a few challenges. The bride wanted to get married under a natural archway created by two living trees. This entailed having the trees delivered to the site and wiring the branches together to make it appear that it was a natural formed archway of birch branches. This was hard, but I think I pulled it off. I love a challenge and this was one for the books.

We also hung lanterns in the tent which seemed easy enough until I got up on the extension ladder. I am certainly not scared of heights but this adventure had me sweating! I've hung many an accent from trees and tents, but his tent was taller than expected and certainly an intimidating assignment.

All in all the event was amazing. I loved the color scheme in the natural setting, during the set up there were many times I wished to return to the site and appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape.

Thank you to my dear friend Anne for the extra hands! You were such a great help and added so much to the day.
Also, thanks you to Hugh Hazelrigg for all the beautiful pictures (with the exception of the bridal bouquet). It was very generous of you to help me capture these moments.


Anonymous Cathy and David said...

Hmmm.. that you sitting down on the job? :-D

August 5, 2009 at 8:41 PM  

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